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This history deals with the twenty-year period between and , when virtually all of Africa was seized and occupied by the Imperial Powers of Europe. Colonialism Appraised – African Perspectives on Colonialism. By A. Adu Boahen. Baltimore and London:Johns Hopkins Press, Pp. viii + £ African Perspectives on Colonialism. A. Adu Boahen. This history deals with the twenty-year period between and , when virtually all of Africa was.

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He also argues that the colonial system led to delayed developments in industry and technology. This campaign caused an intellectual revolution that took form in Pan-Africanism and no ideology of African personality.

Of political trends, he touches on the push toward greater centralization seen in various parts of Africa and the efforts of modernization that were in progress by In cases of submission, rulers either submitted because of the futility of confrontation or because their need of protection from the Europeans was dire.

Want to Read saving…. Some of the social benefits of colonial impact Boahen identifies are population growth, urbanization, and the spread of Christianity, Islam and Western education.

African Perspectives on Colonialism

Ethiopianism was a movement to start churches that were run by Africans themselves and fit with their own culture and traditions. Much of the history of African colonialism has been written from the viewpoint of the colonizers.

The Contemporary History of Ghana Paperbackpages. Boahen intends to offer an Afrocentric perspective on colonialism African as an academic response to the predominantly Eurocentric perspective in the scholarly body of work on the subject. He makes prudent use of sources and case studies making a well-structured and concise yet in- depth survey of African history to back his argument. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.

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The Operation of the Colonial System Since colonialism was largely motivated by economic-driven exploitation of raw materials to catalyse pdrspectives expansion of capitalism and the European industrialism; most of the colonies were forced to grow one or two cash crops which resulted in neglecting food production and import-substitution Boahen, Furthermore, the concentration of cash crops and exploitation of raw materials neglected the internal economy of colonies, especially in the production of food for domestic consumption, resulting in heavy reliance on imports from the metropolitan states leading to the demise of inter-African trade Boahen, But, these economic developments of colonialism still had their negative side.

Sign In or Create an Account. Furthermore, Africa benefited from the introduction of bureaucratic and judicial institutions and hospitals; although these were solely created to benefit expatriate settlers in the colonies Boahen, The next positive political impact he claims is the independent states of Africa coming into view. He also served on the editorial board of the Journal of African History published by Boaheen University Press, and was a visiting scholar at such institutions as the Australian National University inColumbia University in and the State University of New York in and African Perspectives on Colonialism by A.

Another xdu that came from these boundaries was the encumbrances caused by unequal access to resources. Most users should sign in with their email address.

The greatest merit of this book, aside from the acknowledgement of the lack of African scholarly work on colonialism, is Boahen detailed and rigourous argument and thesis; which adequately shows that the negative consequences far outweigh the positive consequence that were mostly accidental and unintended by the colonial powers.


Boundaries that were drawn arbitrarily resulted in problems, one of which is the problem of nation-state building when state boundaries have been drawn around regions hosting several ethnocultural groups with their own distinct languages and cultures. The ban on political parties in Ghana was lifted in William Zeman rated it really liked it Feb 26, But this does not say much about what Boahen considers to be integral in an Afro- centric perspective, even though it expresses who Boahen perspectived valid in this regard Le Vine, Sign in via your Institution Sign in.

He attended religious schools between and Close mobile search navigation Article navigation.

African Perspectives on Colonialism

colobialism Feb 05, Leif rated it it was amazing. These changes led to further spreading of Christianity which had previously been limited to coastal regions and the major trade routes. Schouler lecture series at the John Hopkins University.

Sign In Forgot password? Jun 15, Thomas rated it really liked it. To ask other readers questions about African Perspectives on Colonialismplease sign up.

He considers the resulting peace and order that followed the periods of immense violence which came with boaben imposition as a positive Boahen, The third positive political impact of colonialism that Boahen lists is the introduction of a new bureaucracy of civil servants and judicial system which he notes have remained intact in the African states.