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Abrasive jet machining (AJM) utilizes a high velocity jet of abrasives to remove material from work surface by impact erosion. Get an overview of AJM process. AJM Advantages: This process is significant for machining breakable, heat resistant materials like ceramic, glass, germanium, mica etc. components of abrasive jet machining Abrasive delivery system . Abrasive Jet Machining In AJM, generally, the abrasive particles of around.

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Most commonly, aluminium oxide or silicon carbide particles are used. For polishing and coating removal purposes, glass beads and crashed glass are conventionally used.

This process is best suited for machining super alloys and refractory type of materials, and also machining thin sections of hard materials and making intricate hard holes. Metal removal rate is low In certain circumstances, abrasive particles might settle over the workpiece. The abrasive jet is obtained by accelerating fine abrasive particles in highly pressurized gas carrier gas.

Deburring —Abrasive jet machining is one of the efficient methods for deburring process for removal of burr of milled features and drilled holes, especially when work material is hard.

Abrasive Jet Machining (AJM) «

One of the main disadvantages is its slow material removal rate; for this reason it is usually used as a finishing process. Written by Surjeet Sankararaj I am a mechanical engineer with a passion for technical stuff. It can be utilized for cutting, drilling, polishing, deburring, cleaning etc. A pressure gauge and a flow regulator are used to control the pressure and regulate the flow rate of the compressed air.


Abrasive jet machining

Desired properties of abrasives used in abrasive jet machining. Usually tungsten carbide WC or sapphire nozzles are used in industrial applications. Larger grit size tends to produce larger cavity and thus MRR improves with the sacrifice of surface finish. Why different abrasives produce different MRR?

Its flexibility owes from amchining ability to use hoses to transport the gas and abrasive to any part of the workpiece. Compressed air is then passed into the mixing chamber. Explain its effect on AJM performance. The following are some of the operations that can be performed using Abrasive Jet Machining: How material removal rate can be increased?

Abrasive Jet Machining – Process, Parameters, Equipment, MRR

It is to be noted that, irrespective of the purpose, abrasive jet machining AJM is beneficial only for hard and brittle materials. Abrasive macgining cannot be reused.

In such case, higher pressure of the carrier gas has to be utilized. Nonconventional Machining by P. However, ductile and brittle materials behave differently in indent formation, and thus size of indentation created by the impact of single abrasive grit is different for ductile and brittle materials.

Hopper is sometime vibrated machinnig avoid bridging jamming at outlet. When gas is compressed to high pressure, steam may condense and tiny water particles can create a larger globule after agglomerating with abrasives. Process capability of abrasive jet machining Materials: Establish analytical formula for MRR Modeling.


Abrasive jet machining – Wikipedia

Abrasive particles used in abrasive jet machining In AJM, it is assumed that hard abrasive particles participate in material removal action, while carrier gas assists to blow away eroded particles from machining zone. Carrier gas pressure and its flow rate are two paramount factors that determine performance and machining capability. What is stand-off distance SOD? AJM differs from age old sand blasting technique by the achievable level of accuracy and precision.

Solar Collectors Solar energy solid mechanics Machlning units wave energy. Choosing nozzle material is another decisive factor from economic point of view.

Sometime movement of work table is controlled by servo mechanism. It forces the abrasive jet over the workpiece. Hard materials and materials of high strength can be easily machined. Basic purpose of carrier gas in abrasive jet machining is to accelerate fine abrasive particles by momentum transfer. Enter your email address: WC nozzles are cheaper but have limited life 20—30hr ; while sapphire nozzles have extended life —hr but are costlier.