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View and Download Alesis ADAT-HD24 reference manual online. hard disk recorder. ADAT-HD24 Recording Equipment pdf manual download. designed to help users of the Alesis ADAT HD24 recorder perform daily tasks that Hopefully the software and this manual help you get the most out of your. VERSION APPLIES TO ADAT HD24 SOFTWARE VERSION AND ABOVE This document covers only those aspects unique to the EC-2 cards and should be kept with the HD24 manual. Using the HD24/EC-2 with the Alesis AI

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Your Alesis dealer can install an optional upgrade kit manula allows analog input and output at the higher sample rate see page Mounting and selecting a drive One of the key strengths of the ADAT HD24 is its easily-removable hard drives; in fact it was our goal to make the drive caddies similar to ADAT alfsis in their transportability and low cost.

Make sure that all downloads are complete and all users have logged off the system. Refer to the previous section for instructions.

With up to 64 possible Songs on a drive, it’s a good idea to give each one a unique name that will help you find the tracks you need. If you simply click on a file, your browser may attempt to download and open the audio to play it from within the browser. Drag it to alseis desktop or to a folder. You may install hard disks in a caddy yourself, or the dealer may have them available with disks installed.


Alesis ADAT-HD24 Reference Manual

Page 77 – About setting up your computer Page 78 – Apple Macintosh configuration instructio Store the position where you want the loop to begin into Locate 1. An Example Network Mnaual following network diagram can be used a guide to help you setup your internal network. Double-click the Adwt icon.

Transport Buttons Transport Buttons During recording and playback, the following transport buttons are used frequently. IDE drive of any size, from almost any manufacturer see your Alesis dealer for details.


It takes only a few seconds. Tracks must be downloaded one at a time or see Tip on Using File Helpers, below.

Troubleshooting Index If you experience problems while operating alesiss ADAT HD24, please use the following table to locate possible causes and solutions before contacting Alesis Product Support for assistance. Page 60 Cutting entire tracks Instead of cutting between the Edit Start and Edit End points, it is possible to cut the entire track or tracks selected for editing. Automated Recording Automated Recording So far, all of your recording has been done manually — you pressed the transport buttons when you wanted to start and stop recording.

This requires a male-to-male, 9- pin D connector cable for each additional machine in the adta. Important Safety Instructions Safety symbols used in dh24 product This symbol alerts the user that there are important operating and maintenance instructions in the literature accompanying aat unit.

One of Alesis’ goals is to make high-quality studio equipment available to everyone, and this Reference Manual is an important part of that. Auto Play When this function is on, the HD24 will begin playback automatically after any Locate button is Obtaining Repair Service Tape a note to the top of the unit describing the problem, include your name and a phone number where Alesis can contact you alesjs necessary, as well as instructions on where you want the product returned.


When you’d use Ethernet and the HD24 Ethernet is a method for connecting multiple computers and peripherals such as printers and disk arrays in a network.

Remove the clear, plastic tube covering each end of the optical cable if present. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

The World of Windows Networking http: Refer All Servicing to Alesis We believe that the ADAT HD24 is one of the best multitrack recorders that can be made using current technology, and should provide years of trouble-free use. Outputs from the HD24 to a mixing console: Press once to jump back five seconds; Alesis is not responsible for damage to hardware or software caused by improper connection or operation. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Beachten Sie alle Hinweise. Without this option, The HD24’s Ethernet connection is designed to be used with 10Base-T systems, since these are the type most commonly available. Remote meter display for the m20 professional bit digital recording system 9 pages.