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Diffuse (yellow), %, Diffuse map. Diffuse (blue), %, Diffuse map. Bump, 10 %, Bump map. Specularity, %, Specularity map. Glossiness, %. Diffuse, %, Diffuse map. Bump, 5%, Bump map. Specularity, %, Specularity map. Glossiness, %, << Specularity map. Reflectivity, %. The collection covers textures of the following categories: Boards/Wood, Bricks/ Walls, Concrete, Metal, Pavement, Plaster, Stone, Tiles and Misc.

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I have also some texture that i would like to share with you but i don’t know if they are copyrighted there is no probleme for me but i don’t want to create some trouble in this forum!

Contact Jobs Abvent Group. I did not had the to look at them but I hope they are good for you Regards Alex Cruceru. That, for example is the case with the textures from GCTextures.

Could you please explane the procedure in order to load them? Subscribers to this tutorial series will not only gain access to the video tutorials but also have 1 year access to a private forum where they can ask questions about subjects discussed in the videos as well as receive help and guidance on their scene setups, materials and lighting.


I have one with rust and all the great stuff,who wants it just post here a artoway Regards Alex Cruceru. I have a lot of files,why not share them? A rule of thumb for texture resolution is for it to be at least 2x compared to how big it will be in the final render.

I’m having a problem loading the concrete I haven’t tried others on my artlantis. I am following the indigo render development for many years, but there is not much progress being made in this, compared to other applications, which delivery material packshuge online resources etc.

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Didn’t know that meaning before C4D R15 Studio Indigo 3. And I said it already but will repet it,please all who downloaded any of these stuff if they would like to let their name or a message. February 12, at February 10, at Maybe on a new post will work or later Regards Alex C. Thanks Matthew my friend Regards Alex Cruceru. Maybe we could think about some kind of content creation I am now running this site, which I hope in time will become a hub of useful information and content dedicated to Maxwell Render.

Instructor My name is Mihai Iliuta, and I’m a renderoholic. By the way, where could I find nice including commercial roofing textures? Then just open the archive and you will have all the jpg tiff bmp there Good luck and post again if you have problems again,will gladley help sorry for my grammar Regards Alex Cruceru.


Maybe you will post them on ftp or filehosting something, Regards, Alex Cruceru. Arroway does offer ready-to-use mxm materials. Any other comment about this? These downloads are great and they will save anyone who took them a lot of time.

February 11, at Then you can drag and drop them into your library. Are other sources such as Textures.

Mosaic Tiles Free Texture Download by

So if in your final render a given texture takes up px, then it should be at least px. Anyone know a way?

So I can know I am not alone and what I am doing can help you. Actually that’s an idea I’ve had for a while. We all have them. I am still learning Artlantis and I got a lot of work tile improve I hope this year that all good luck comes your way.