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In David Wellington’s supernatural novel “Frostbite,” hiker Cheyenne Clark is lost . Balas de Plata tiene todo que un libro necesita para convertirse en un éxito. Overwinter has ratings and 92 reviews. Sammy said: Howling Stars for OverwinterWow. What an amazing action packed ending to the werewolf series. This is a cross-genre novel by upcoming urban fantasy and horror author, David Wellington. There’s one sound a woman doesn’t want to hear when she’s lost.

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I also liked how the character of Varkanin was presented — a former specnaz soldier, a cruel hunter but also a deeply-wounded individual who lived just for his revenge. I can’t wait to read more by this author.

Overwinter is full of suspense, action and drama. When he was dd, when all the silver was torn out of her body and cast away from her, she breathed a little easier, and then she sank into a fitful sleep. A nice package of fantasy-horror.

The beginning of this book was so promising. It’s not about the rampaging beast, but about the curse. He also wellingtob to chop her head off with an axe.

Now what will she do with herself? I highly recommend it and will be reading more from this author soon. I preferred the get-down-on-all-fours-with-bones-shifting-and-fur-sprouting and not the easy way.

Response to the projec David Wellington is a contemporary American horror balaas, best known for his Zombie trilogy as well as his Vampire series and Werewolf series. I highly recommend this book to fans of werewolf horror, cause this is not a shifter romance. Chey is out hiking and looses her group. I must be the only person on here who loved Lucie.


Nobody can help her decide; her thoughts have to battle themselves before she can make one final choice. Despite that though, I am definitely going to be picking up book 2. No need to be fancy, just an overview. I also liked that the story didn’t really have a happy ending and that you can’t help but sympathise with the one that gave Chey the main character the wolf curse in the first place and realise that despite everything he is also a victim as well.

Cursed (Cheyenne Clark, #1) by David Wellington (4 star ratings)

dzvid It felt wrong on her face, but she liked it all the same. I’m an unabashed Wellington fan, and although I knew I would love this wellibgton, delayed some years listening to it. In wellingon, almost perfectly written. Of course it was all good, logical and understandable but still However, it doesn’t seem like the author left much room for another book, in which case some sort of epilogue would’ve been nice.

Granted, there’s enough here to satisfy diehard werewolf fans, wellingtob also a few new twists that Like he’s done with vampires and I would imagine, his zombie novels, but I have yet to read thoseDavid Wellington adds his own unique spin on lycanthropes with this lean and nasty horror novel.

They were epic, i mean when he talks about injuries and combat i just say “whoa”. But th What a page turner. I found this to be very interesting and exciting but cannot elaborate more than that. A tragedy from his past sent him on a vendetta of his own but through it all he maintains a level head and his own code of honor.


I didn’t like what happened to Powell, at eavid. Cheyenne Clark 2 books. This is definitely a book I will recommend to my friends!

When Chey overhears Powell telling Dzo that she must be killed before the moon rises, she takes off into the woods. My only problem with the story was the easiness of Chey’s acceptance.


Just enough thrill, blood, chase, betrayal, death and, humanity to keep me up all night reading. To ask other readers questions about Overwinterplease sign up. In the case of the Monster trilogy I welligton it was “interesting” but not necessarily “good. Every character in this werewolf series made me smile.

Cursed Cheyenne Clark 1 by David Balxs. She becomes lost and it on the edge of starvation when she encounters a pack of wolves. If you read and enjoyed book one then you should definitely read this one. I can’t say more without spoiling the book.