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Behringer Ultra-Curve DSP Digital Bit Dual DSP Mainframe Equalizer / Processor. By Behringer. 1 review. 2 used from $ i learned how to do sound on this though i never played with the settings until years ago and never knew what i was doing until a year ago. I use a behringer. ?ViewItem&item=&ru=http://

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For me it is the basic unit for any sound engineer who wants to dso8000 a good sound and good intelligibility and comprehensibility of the voice.

Our members also liked: Write a user review Ask dsp88000 a user review. Out of the 5 Behringer digital eqs around this area that I know of, only 2 are still working properly.

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Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Login or Sign Up. Would the newer model be quieter? I would like to buy an analyzer like this and keep it in my signal chain all the time.

This as a numrique EQ is always a long handle analog EQ: Behringer Congratulations for this well designed, very solid and reliable. Enter your search terms Submit search form. Originally Posted by justharold.


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This does not effect the sound and all settings are still saved. I set it to automatically pink noise the room with the test mic in the sweet spot. Even with the EQs and Dynamics going full force, there was not any extra noticeable noise which, with digital processing, there shouldn’t be. I emmne always with me, with his microphone ECM because of a.

It all speaks volumes about the imbcilit some prtendus “ing’s” who do not miss an opportunity to dgommer bulk products of this brand cheap. Only the Up button now has a bad contact when there until it has been used. The only real functional issue is the noise gate threshold, and I don’t recall if it can be bypassed.

I’m not too familiar with it’s predecessor, the DSPbut I’ve used it once and hear a lot about it. Behringer Ultracurve DSP It is also an anti larsen possde 6 bands in fact the Settings, which are no longer available in this mode “sound”.

Results 1 to 10 of I used it just a few times to set up a live sound app and it worked fine. They used to be silent when not playing music. It may need the back-up battery behrinver though.


I’m not sure if the DSP actually adds any amount of noise to the output signal, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s where it’s coming from. I created a forum topic recement on my way to pay for the rapid adaptation and automatic speaker system for cinemas.

Everything has already been said. Originally Posted by RawDepth. A member behrknger requested an additional review for this product Write a user review Request a new review. Whatever the case, you should consider getting the because it’s definitely a superior piece of gear.

Behringer Ultra-curve DSP 8000

I saved the settings for all the places I go, with 3 configs in place: It allows you to scroll through your dynamic range, so the screen behrjnger isn’t an issue. I thought the LCD screen would be too small, but it’s not at all.

The sound is transparent, the converters are well made, they do not “cool” not sound like the consoles Yamaha.