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These are the steps to configure the Ubiquiti Bullet. Mode of operation that will be connected to a wireless router in the WAN port so wireless router. Like all Ubiquiti equipment the Bullet is capable of being set in any wireless mode – access point, station, bridge, router, AirMax (for P2P/P2MP) AP/station. Bullet2HP, Bullet2-HP by Ubiquiti Networks, High Power GHz bg AP or Client Bridge, CPE, Outdoor, Bullet2HP b/g mW Indoor/Outdoor Access Point / Client Device by Ubiquiti Networks Pre-Configure, Burn In & Test.

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I have no idea where to put it.

Configuring the Ubiquity Bullet M2HP Radio — platypus_boat_doc documentation

Since I have installed this I am hearing from folks that have antenna’s above 15db that are not experiencing problems, so I would say up to 15db should bulleg2hp fine. At that point it was a simple wireless connection from my laptop to the router.

Will the CAT5 cable give off emissions that will interfere with those items, or will those instruments interfere with the signal to my computer? Does Ubiquity provide that service when you buy a bullet? Help, I’m getting frazzled I’ll certainly be adding this to my boat for the summer.

Com Privacy Terms of Use Top. The Bullet configuration page can the be accessed in a browser by the address http: I have a few Bullet 2hp’s that I got for free. So far so good, bullst2hp when I diagnosed the ‘cannot display web page’ issue, the result was something that indicated a DNS problem – like ‘cannot resolve msn.


I can’t find the model numbers but one is a TrendNet which is 50 cm 18″ long and the other one is xonfiguration Revse Communications and is around 60 cm 24″.


Bridge and Router mode. The complete packages may be a good deal for those that don’t want the hassle of figuring it out on their own and most come with excellent tech support but, if you are willing to do it yourself you can save a lot of money and probably learn something in the process. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. As an unsophisticated computer user, some of the info in the installation instructions goes right over my head.

Captnjack, This is a common problem.

Help a noob setup a Bullet 2hp : Ubiquiti

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. It has been several years since I used various bridges. Yes I will probably be purchasing a new antenna this year, not sure which one yet. A higher gain antenna like your 8dBi Trendnet will only cast your signal farther and interfere with surrounding networks. They both have phone support, the main difference is that Island Time knows what you are calling about and is intimately familiar with their software and the system, while Ubiquiti techs handle all types of installation and components.

I see it when we use a verizon broadband card with a broadband router like cradlepoint.

Your better off buying two regular ones. To configure the Bullet as an access point, change the following configurations in the Wireless tab:.

I considered getting a router, but will first configuratiln sure I can get this system to work before adding more stuff. Now I am not a computer network engineer by any means and the most complex thing I have accomplished before this task was installing a router and cable modem at home to set up a wireless network, that’s it.


Configure the Bullet like this http: Can we both access the Bullet without one I don’t think so but if you don’t ask Just make sure what ever you buy is stranded core, not solid core. To connect to an unsecured network, just pull up ‘config-2’ and apply it, and poof2 happens! New member in FL I’m fairly new to boating, according to my skill level, very new. Share Share this post on Digg Bulet2hp. TimG – February 1st, TimG – February 2nd, This system will boost the signal making connections easier.

Help – Simple set up for Bullet M2HP / Wireless router / Computer to receive wifi internet access

After connecting the LAN adapter port into the computer, run: Connect computers to distant hotspot, wirelessly. I boat on the Tennessee river so in most cases my boat is configration rolling like it would on the open water.

When it is up and buloet2hp I will come back to this thread with a report. As the radio is powered through PoE, it comes with a PoE adapter as seen in the image below exact model may differ:. You can power the Bullet with this on you 12VDC system.

When in doubt, contact opint mods and ask. However, its default settings are WiFi station and bridge mode. Are you asking how to setup the router?