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Warhammer 40, Codex Black Templars. Version Nickname. Fourth edition. Alternate Names. Version Publisher. Games Workshop Ltd. Version Artist. The Black Templars are THE largest loyalist (“codex following”) chapter, . the back of the 4th edition Codex: Black Templars, the deployment map totals greater . The Black Templars use to have their own codex back in 4th and 5th edition ( someone will correct me if I’m wrong XD). But they have since.

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A maxed out squad with MMs will cost you points, but in an age where Riptides, Wraithknights, Flyrants, Greater Daemons and other nasties roam the battlefield, this amount of concentrated firepower can come in handy. Each Crusade is directed by the will of the Marshal in command, and each is despatched by the decree of the High Marshal of the Black Templars to fulfill their prime mission to cleanse the stars.

And if you aren’t using them against tanks, they are only a third the firepower of the Grav Guns and at 6″ less range to boot. Full tracking of what you have read so you can skip to your first unread post, easily see what has changed since you last logged in, and easily see what is new at a glance.

The Black Templars are noted to wrap chains or bindings around their arms to represent the fact that they will not give up their weapons until the battle is done. This message was edited 6 times.

If you are fielding a Predator or Whirlwind, keeping the Storm closeby will help thanks to its jamming beacon really messing up enemy deep striker insertions take that, Fusion Tmeplars Crisis suits!

Bikes are also the best place to put Grav Guns to use, as you can move upto 12″ and still fire all bpack shots of each Grav Gun upto 18″ thanks to the Bikes having the Relentless USR. Granted, the Land Speeder couldn’t fire all weapons when it deep striked, but it now made staying behind and shooting from 48″ range a tactical option templlars think about it – what weapons can target your Land Speeder at this range?

Fail even one inv. Perhaps these Battle-Brothers were the most recently recruited of the old Legion, their raw zeal yet to be tempered by the experience born of duty for which the Imperial Fists were so honoured. They have been known to abandon these keeps, only to return and reclaim them later, usually exterminating anything foolish or unlucky enough to have taken up residence in their absence.

So in any case we got 3 changes to bikes from what they once used to be in 5th edition and before; namely HoWJink, and finally, their increase in Toughness is no longer ignored when determining if a weapon is strong enough to insta-kill them.


That means 4 S10 attacks on charge from an AV13 walker – pretty solid. Instead, the Black Templars’ abhorrence is reserved for deviant alien witches and rogue psykers who embrace the blasphemous Dark Gods in their quest for power. This thing is pure awesomesauce, with a side of uberness. Plasma Guns have 6 more inches “reach”, but with the bikes’ mobility, range should usually not be a real problem, and at 24″ fire from the Plasma Guns is only about a third as effective as the Grav Guns’ fire.

Throughout his service as an Initiate, the Battle-Brother gains experience and wisdom, until he may, if he survives long enough and is judged worthy, enter the ranks of the Marshal’s Household as a Sword Brother. The CM can tank all the low AP wounds that would have given the Centurions trouble including Demolisher Shells and at the same time, he also gives them a direly needed close combat insurance policy.

Drop Pod Assault should be nerfed to only allow half the amount of drop pods rounded DOWN instead of up arrive via deep strike on turn 1. As part of their dedication to the Emperor and their Crusade, the Black Templars swear fell oaths of faith and protection. Either way, there is no excuse to not kit your Vanguard veterans out with jump packs and opt to give them a transport for extra points instead. If we were to base the numbers off the estimate in the back of the 4th edition Codex: Devastators Devastators have been an iconic part of the Space Marine force since at least 3 editions now.

Besides, the Stormtalon can always opt to fly around in hover mode if it wishes to do so, thereby becoming a Fast Skimmer like the LS Tornado, but still being 1 AV better all around and having superior firepower. And by huge I mean 11 points per model. Redeem your points Conditions for uk nectar points – opens in a new window or tab.

Black Templars – 1d4chan

This makes it all the more arduous to bring down an Assault Centurion squad with massed small arms fire than it is to bring down an Assault Terminator squad likewise – all you need to do is make the SM player roll a couple of 1s and his Assault Terminator squad will rapidly evaporate.

And the turn the Stormraven enters play, you can zoom between 18″ and 36″ and fire 5 weapons again, only upto blzck missiles. Both the Techmarine and the Forgemaster sounds cooler, doesn’t it? Given the vagaries of in-universe time due to warp phenomena and the inevitable depletion of assets due to the nature of their work, as well as the fact that they have shit record keeping due to a complete lack of Librariansthe actual number of active templars would be in constant flux.


Black Templars

A shooty unit, many Black Templar players may be uncertain what to make of them. The Black Templars have no Chapter homeworld, instead opting to live within their Crusade fleets.

They are not a Codex Astartes -compliant Chapter and maintain a very different Chapter structure and Chapter culture than is the norm amongst most of the Adeptus Astartes. This attitude can prove to be challenging for those Black Templars who are chosen to serve in the Deathwatch and must learn to fight alongside the Librarians of other Chapters as part of a Kill-team.

But I’ll expand on this later in the Land Speeder Storm section.

However, first of all turbo-boosting or flat out doesnt make it better anymore, and secondly all their ranged weapons are reduced to snapshots in the following turn. To top it all off, Black Templars outperform all other Space Marine chapters when it comes to challenges as they can re-roll ALL, not just one, failed hits and on top of this, get rending, and also have a solid chance of not being affected by enemy psychic powers cast on them and we all know how the amount of psychic powers out there has exponentially increased in 6th.

Being able to carry a Dreadnought and an infantry squad into the heart of battle read: In this way, the skills, traditions and experience of the Chapter are preserved and passed down, Master to Neophyte. You can buff him up to be a Mastery Level 2 psyker for an affordable cost.

On the eve of battle, the Emperor’s Champion leads the Black Templars in renewing one of the four Vows of the Chapter, each one instilling these Astartes with righteous fury that is expressed on the battlefield in different ways.

If you want to field a Vindicator without a Siege Blacck, I think the Hunter makes for a edihion fine looking model. Add to cart – Best Offer: Still, this means you can carry your Assault Centurions into battle in a Land Raider other than the Crusader and still have them assault 4tg cover and strike at normal initiative. You will be worse. Granted, you have to make a conversion for that, but still.

I will begin by looking at each unit and talking about their pros and cons compared to the old codex Black Templars. Both in the old 4ht Templars codex and in the new Space Marine codex.

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