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DENTOGINGIVAL UNITBy- Dr Rohit Rai Content • Junctional epithelium • Gingival fiber • Clinical importance of dentogingival unit. Shift of the dento gingival junction The dentogingival junction is an anatomical and functional interface between the gingiva and the tooth. PDF | This study define altered passive eruption (APE) and evaluate the morphology of the dentogingival unit. individuals subjected to.

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Thickness of facial gingiva.

Probe depth in mm was evaluated at three points on the vestibular aspect of each of the sextant teeth. The molar and canine Angle occlusion class was recorded. If the mechanism of eruption were the dentogignival responsible factor, it would be logical to assume that with active tooth eruption failure, some patient in the series could present a zero or even negative distance, as a result of burying of the tooth within the alveolar bone.

Morphology and dimensions of the dentogingival unit in the altered passive eruption

The position of cementoenamel junction relative to the alveolar crest does not allow the normal insertion of the connective tissue attachment. Different physiological situations do not exhibit this morphological disposition, however, and dentoginguval gingival margin tends to occupy a much more incisal position — thus giving rise to short clinical crowns. The preservation of a healthy periodontal attachment is a prerequisite for successful restorative procedures.

We are unable to find a good explanation why overbite was denfogingival significantly related to the presence of APE.

An innovative radiographic technique for the determination of dimensions of dentogingival unit in North Indian population. Material and Methods A total of individuals participated in the study. After demonstrating this correlation, an evaluation was made of the percentage overlap that best distinguishes i. Biologic width measured with vernier caliper Click here to view. In a study that involved measurements taken from clinically normal specimens, it has been established 8 that there is some form of proportional dimensional relationship among the crest of the alveolar bone, the connective tissue attachment, and the junctional epithelium, as well as a repetitive consistency in these proportions.


The thickness measurement unlt masticatory mucosa in vivo. Periodontal surgery to position canine teeth in vestibular dystrophy. Int J Periodontics Restorative Dent. None, Conflict of Interest: Differential diagnosis and treatment of excess gingival display.

The physiologic dentogingival unit DGUalso known as the biologic width, is considered to be essential for longevity of the teeth as well as of restorations. Galgali SR, Gontiya G. Discussion The literature lacks references for calibrating the magnitude of gingival overlap characterizing APE.

7. Esthetic Management of the Dentogingival Unit

To this effect, a cluster analysis was performed with the 32 teeth 21 presenting APE, dividing the series into two groups 24 teeth in one and 8 in the other Table 3.

The DGU is habitually located close to the cementoenamel junction, the gingival margin slightly covering the limits of the dental crown 5. Altered passive eruption aperadiographic exploration, dentogingival unit dgugingival thickness, plastic periodontal surgery, surgical crown lengthening.

J Clin Periodontol ;4: Some authors indicate that gingival sulcus probe depth is important for the diagnosis of APE, and claim that depths of over 3 mm without concomitant pathological signs are suggestive of APE 10 Pathogenesis of periodontal disease and its treatment.


Compend Contin Educ Gen Dent ;1: The dentogingival unit is composed of two parts: From Coslet et al. We conclude that the dimensions of the DGU in humans can be measured with the PPRx technique, and this technique offers a simple, concise, noninvasive, inexpensive, and reproducible method that can be used in the clinical setup to measure both the length and thickness of the DGU with accuracy.

Paralleling device in position Click here to view. The pattern and control of eruptive tooth movements.

7. Esthetic Management of the Dentogingival Unit | Pocket Dentistry

The mucogingival junction is apical to the alveolar crest. None, Conflict of Dentogingjval Fig Passive eruption describes the apical shift of the gingival attachment along the root surface.

Two types of exploration were carried out in second sextant: Five inclusion criteria were defined: Clinical exploration Two subjective criteria were contemplated for the clinical diagnosis of APE: Thickness of gingival obtained ddntogingival PPRx technique Click here to view. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Pak Oral Dent J ; Upper lip height was measured as the distance from the base of the nose to the lower margin of the lip, with an evaluation of the amount of gingival tissue exposed over the four upper incisors on smiling.

The role of the roentgenogram in the diagnosis and prognosis of periodontal dentogkngival.