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The Night Circus is a fantasy novel by Erin Morgenstern. It was originally written for the annual writing competition NaNoWriMo over the span of three. El circo de la noche by Erin Morgenstern, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. El circo de la noche. Written by Erin Morgenstern. El circo de la noche. Enlarge View. Category: Fiction – Literary; Fiction – Fantasy – Historical; Fiction – Thrillers – .

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The Night Circus Front cover of the first edition. The training is just education from two different schools of thought on the subject of magic.

El circo de la noche

Then, you get to the end of the book, and your brain blows up. You get more and more confused as the book goes on; what’s with all the other Morgenstetn and time jumps?

It isn’t that interesting, and certainly not an entirely stable foundation. So instead making an honest effort to figure out their problems together, she enchants him so that he can’t speak, complains more about the emotional toll that this competition is having on her, and then has emotional sex with him. Let me try to elaborate with, since I know you guys love this sooooo much, At the center, drin a cuckoo bird would live in a more traditional timepiece, is cidco juggler.

His shirt is a crisp white, his tie black and pristinely knotted.

rl Now that I told you about how my brain exploded about twice, let me get on with this review and tell you what I thought was annoying: The plot strings start out so loosely that you can see little to no connection to them besides the two obvious ones with Marco and Celia.


Without this understanding, it was hard to know why Celia and Marco did what they did, because there were a million other things that they could have done that would have made more sense. The result is mrgenstern juvenile, melodramatic, and inauthentic “romance” that I couldn’t bring myself to care about.

Aside from the obvious view spoiler [happily ever after hide spoiler ] ending the author works in, there’s morgensttern reason that one of them has to die.

El circo de la noche by Erin Morgenstern | : Books

As the clock chimes, another ball joins the rest until at midnight he juggles twelve balls in a complex pattern. It’s described as a place of magic and wonderment; it simply appears out of nowhere. And don’t give me crap about it being fantasy either.

It’s pretty good, too. They are enigmatic and indecipherable and as the story starts to weave in, we get to, more or less see why and how they became to be who they are. For example, after one of Celia’s friends dies, she goes to Marco for comfort.

The Night Circus – Wikipedia

Though the Burgess sisters were minor characters, their slow realization that something wasn’t right with the circus could have made for an interesting main plot. There were parts I absolutely adored. All of this takes hours. Oh, no, I take that back. Cross posted at http: It was tiring and Try to imagine someone taking CarnivaleSomewhere in TimeSomething Wicked This Way Comesand The Prestige and mashing them all together into a poetic, stunning piece of fiction with a beautifully melancholic, bittersweet ending.


The spiritual equivalent of waking up to someone stroking your face with a petal. Did I mention is is also a star-cross’d romance?

The Night Circus

There was no suspense, so urgency, and really no sense of competition at all. View all 43 comments. The setting is glorious, magical, awe-inspiring, creative, unreal, unique, fascinating, and altogether so painfully lovely any reader with half an imagination will be dying to pay a visit.

The book may even have a YA feel to you if that’s what you e, more often than not, but there are more e to The Night Circus than you would initially think, so keep that in mind.

See all questions about The Night Circus…. Inflicted with a lot of problems, this is currently one of my lowest rated books in my bookshelves.

Retrieved 5 April But what is underneath? The main characters developments are close to none.

View all 32 comments. The Night Circus was absolutely captivating, outstanding, and just pure enchanting. Real circuses are horrible places that are full of cruelty, animal exploitation and vile entertainment.

Put some filler in there — a framing device, a needlessly fractured timeline.