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The EMC ControlCenter Navisphere family of products enables you to discover, monitor, configure and view performance reports on EMC CLARiiON storage. Navisphere CLI is a command line interface tool provided by EMC for accessing and managing VNX or Clariion storage arrays. Administrators. Take the following steps to validate if EMC Navisphere Analyzer Enabler is licensed. Refer to EMC KB Article EMC for more details on.

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I want to show a customer the differences in features and maybe some screenshots of the GUI but im not able to find such a document. Can anybody help me with this? I suspect that since one was exclusively for CX navispere the other was exclusively for AX, there wasn’t the need to compare the two.

Since then AX was modified such that it could be upgraded from using Navisphere Express to using Navisphere manager after installing an enabler. Though a document that compared the two would have had naisphere purpose at that point, both the AX arrays and Navisphere Express were well on their way to being effectively dis-continued.


There are too many things that you can’t see or configure in NaviExpress. This is a real problem with VMware. I remember keeping documentation about “what was what” and having to remove ALL of the hosts and re-add them in a specific order to make sure they match, resignaturing LUNs, etc For the love of all that is holy buy the NaviShpere enabler!

Having arrays with both options I can share a few differences:. Being an enchanced version, you get all the bells and whistles you need UniSphere is even better – not sure it runs on AX. Supports dual SPs – not single SPs. Trust us when I say unless your emx year old niece is going to be provisioning your SAN, this is the better option.

EMC Community Network – DECN: Navisphere vs. Navisphere Express

Please enter a title. You can not post a blank message. Please type your message and try again. Jan 26, 1: There navispehre not appear to be such a document.


EMC’s Navisphere

Having arrays with both options I can share a few differences: Supports Single Controller Units Only. Static Web Interface, Can make the systems slightly more cumbersome to use.

I have noticed that it can show full DAEs offline when a single disk has failed. Is very simple; even my 3 year old niece could provision disk.

This alone leads to the fact that a lot of detailed configuration options are not there – or at least I have not found them. Migration navislhere settings on lun creation.

EMC’s Navisphere

Option detailed views on the array expandanble array views. Even basic statistics data. I am sure there are others. If your question has been answered, please remember to mark the question as Answered. I got some information to compare from another source, here they are: Go to original post.