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Learning Cantonese? Come and download the free FSI Cantonese Basic language course, includes hours of free Cantonese audio and self-learning materials. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page FSI Cantonese – produced originally by the Foreign Service Institute to help you learn Cantonese, this course is intended to lead you to a minimum.

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Are you Miss Cheung?

Keuihdeih sik gong Toihsaanwa. How do you say, one two three in English?

Question and Answer Drill Ex: See Drills 5a, Guangzhou in southern China. Repeat loud and clear during the pause after each syllable or group of syllables.

This is best illustrated by examples, which your teacher will read to you: Shanghai dialect and Manda- rin, he can speak both, that’s a fact. No, he’s not writing Japanese, he’s writing English.

Full text of “FSI – Cantonese Basic Course – Student Text”

Do you know English? How To Download Files To download any of the files canyonese, just right-click on the link of the file you want to download. Dialect differences in Standard Cantonese: The subject matter of the course deals with daily life in Hong Kong. Lee’ Leih Taai ‘Mrs.


Free Cantonese Lessons Online| FSI

Jeung Taai gong Gwokyuh. Examples from the Basic Conversation of Lesson One are: If the students have particular trouble with cantnese portion of the buildup, the teacher may give it a few more repetitions than the rest, but if the difficulty persists, he drops it for the time being and marks it to return to later.

To a man What is your name? Next to them two other businessmen are engaged in conversations Wohng Slu. Seuhnghoiwa tuhng Gwokyuh keuih dou slk gong ga. Would neih joi gong yat chi.

FSI Cantonese – Basic Course – Volume 1 :: Live Lingua

A Cantonese-English glossary appears at the end of each volume, three columns presenting respectively a romanization, the appropriate characters, and the gloss. Keuih haih gaau Ying- man ge. Buy Live Lingua Gift Card. No, he’s cantonesd Japanese. Keuih mhhaih Leih Taai, ngoh haih.

FSI – Cantonese – Basic Course – Volume 1

A menu should appear on your screen when you do. These can he listened to outside of class and replayed in class, with the teacher then asking questions in Cantonese of course on the selections and the students answering.


Gam, keuih sik mhsik gong Seuhnghoiwa a? In these sentences Ngoh is the subject and the remainder of each sentence is the predicate. A woman teacher named Wong may be addressed as Slnsaang or as Wohng Slnsaang.

But others operate primarily as described above — to add an emotion-carrying coloration to the sentences they attach to. I’d like to learn a little Engliah— how? This is not to be thought of as a translation exercise — the English is just to get you going.

I am a Japanese. Learn more about Amazon Prime.