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Introduction to the functions of GENEX Nastar GSM •Network Monitoring and Analysis. •Network Problem Location and Analysis •Report Auto-Generation and . Oct 14, NASTAR Basic User Training Analysis by: E2E NW Opt Team Date: 25 April GSM MR Analysis Task Area of TopN TRXs or Problematic TRXs Area of TRXs Area of Counter genex u net delivery 培训引导胶片. Mar 1, ONO11 iManager Nastar VR GSM Performance Analysis System Application. . ONP21 GENEX Probe VR GSM Operation.

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huawei nastar

Hi Suite supports Outlook, andincluding the 64 bit editions. Hi Suite is a program developed by Huawei to sync the calendar and contacts on their Android devices with Outlook. Text messages restored on your Android phone are removed by your naughty small kid accidentally? The PCHs consume plenty of power; 3. More Huawei E Log In Nasta Up. According to the test results, it is this parameter that helped the VP call drop rate of various commercial offices to decrease. Therefore, the PS inter-system handover success rate being 0 is due to the incorrect traffic hastar method of RNC.

PhoneRescue for Android is an ultimate data recovery tool designed for recovering your lost messages, photos, contacts, call logs, etc. When the transmit power of the UE is close to the maximum value, the UE will enter the uplink TFC selective sending state and then the uplink signaling cannot be sent, thus causing call drop.


Here the parameter configuration mainly refers to radio layer related parameters and among them the parameters related to network planning and management are especially important.

Nastar Introduction – [PPT Powerpoint]

This is the traffic statistic analysis mode of Performance Report. Even without considering soft handover, kbps cannot satisfy nastarr access needs of two kbps services R99 servicesso transport congestion may occur.

Your phone has smashed and everything has gone? Below is the log of Cell on May 3: According to protocol analysis, when a UE enters the 3G system and if its registration request is denied by the CN, the UE may take one of the following actions: Hybrid cloud-based solution, which allows for easy access and management. Moreover, we may improve the problem analysis efficiency through use of more auxiliary analysis tools, for instance, OMStar can clearly display the network topology and transport layer configuration, and gemex quickly complete the comparative check of radio layer parameters; Microsoft office excel has many functions and the macro function that can nasyar help improve the analysis efficiency.

It enables your experience to be conveniently shared to others. Lost your digital photos?

Modify geenex parameters with reference to relevant parameter configuration in Hong Kong and Brunei: The cells can be connected, as shown in the following figure: We should not adjust the pilot power unless in special cases. For this reason, we carefully surveyed the radio environment at the site and searched for interference.


DCCC, state transition, etc. Increase carrier frequencies 3.

Please refer to the relevant guide, e. After the above are done, code congestion has disappeared. Besides, we can also monitor some non-KPI metrics, e.

There still exists this problem: In the dialog box that pops up, select the path to save the report, the analyzed object and the start date and end date of the data to be analyzed, as shown in the right figure.

After the switch is on, the PS RAB setup success rate of the entire network reaches the normal KPI requirements and the problem is solved, as shown in the following table: Then the power congestion problem disappears.

GENEX Probe和Assistant工具介绍_图文_百度文库

The entire optimization requires three engineers working a day. Therefore, the nastad theme function of Nastar is a powerful weapon to expand your thoughts and bring into play your wisdom and potentials. Below is a brief description of relevant operations of CHR analysis: The information contained in this document is for reference purpose only, and is subject to change or withdrawal according to specific customer requirements and conditions.