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GORKAMORKA RULES PDF – 1 Aug Gorkamorka is one of the Specialist Games set in the Warhammer Instead of having rules for the number. This book contains the core rules for gameplay in Gorkamorka. Gorkamorka Rules Designed for Warhammer 40k 7th Edition. DISCLAIMER These rules are COMPLETELY not endorsed by. Games Workshop, and are meant.

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Muties – When the Orks crashed on Angelis, there was a human ship, implied to be an Adeptus Mechanicus exploration and research vessel, already landed on the planet on a mission. Dreggutz is one of the more successful of such characters, deemed a Bad Dok after infamously being unable to resist the urge to see what would happen if he “fixed” the head-wound of the Gorker Nob Snakrat with a kustom booster jet.

I think GM is a fine change of pace, ie. Gorkamorka and shadowwar self. While this means that vehicles could be huge and hold a whole mob this generally resulted in crashing into everything and being immediately crippled by template weapons.

Working on Gorkamorka is a sacred responsibility that all mekboyz are supposed to undertake — after all, whether the thing turns out to be a new Space Hulkor a boarding platform to attract a new hulk, or something else entirely, no ork is getting off of this worthless dustbowl without it!

A Space Hulk full of Orks rluebook upon the desert world of Angelis, and miraculously managed to not kill themselves in the process. Gorkamorka file for Battlescribe – updated self. If you know of other resources for this game, please let us know by sending email to the editor.

Its best to have as many specialized vehicles as possible, with back-ups and spares as needed. As with its relatives, Necromunda and MordheimGorkamorka has a couple of different characters of particularly notorious repute roaming the wasteland, and sometimes they might even join a warband.

Personally, I don’t think we’ll ever play it again. Therefore they try to emulate the Ork lifestyle as much as possible.

Although Gorkamorka is one of the lesser known Specialist games seriously, even when Specialist Games was still on GW’s website, it wasn’t even listed there is still a good bit of online support for the game. And never are my troops on foot, unless of course they are jumping onto the other guy’s truck. Due gorkammorka certain little incidents, like gor,amorka orkish inclination towards factionalism and a civil war that destroyed the miracle machine once they couldn’t decide whether it looked like Gork or Morkthe Orks of Angelis are ruled by their Mekboyz, who are busy working on Gorkamorka – the aforementioned miracle machine – and gorkaamorka the other Orks distracted by making them fight to gather the most scrap.


Being crazy but by no means gorka,orka, Dreggutz decided to leg it whilst Snakrat’s boyz were busy scraping their boss’ remains off of the side of Gorkamorka, lest he get a first-hand demonstration of why they’d named themselves “da Twisted Nex”. This makes his abilities and statline generated randomly each time he appears, although certain aspects are set in stone.

Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view. Divided on religious lines Gorkers vs. I thought the suppliments tried to add a serious element to an otherwise comical game.

Needless to say, as fun as this could be to watch, few orks wanted him around, and so he struck off into the desert.


It isn’t a serious game because orks are very unreliable and especially dim-witted thick-headed fools. Working on Gorkamorka is a sacred responsibility that all mekboyz are supposed to undertake — after all, whether the thing turns out to be a new Space Hulkor a boarding platform to attract a new hulk, or something else entirely, no ork is getting off of this worthless dustbowl without it!

All warbands start with a pool of points, representing in-universe currency, and this is used to buy all of the warband’s fighters, and their equipment, and any upgrades – so, needless to say, it’s very important to consider your options.

Set in the Warhammer 40, universe it uses the same miniatures but on a skirmish scale rather than entire armies. Armageddon Necromunda – Rupebook Team. The supplement, Digganobwas pretty boring and had very little extra to offer the game. It is rylebook identical to Necromundaand its Warhammer Fantasy cousin Mordheimin that it is a narrative skirmish-level wargame, revolving around two or more players and their personalized band of fighters in a story-like campaign setting.

Gorkamorka – 1d4chan

Diggas are descended from those humans who were exploring the pyramids and the caverns below; taking shelter under the planet’s surface, they survived the holocaust above, but descended into primitivism. They have the best gear in the game, great stats, and are far less at the mercy of the random number god than other mobs, but they are also the most expensive mob – the basic trooper of a Mutie band is twice the price of his Orky counterpart.


The background of the game is a bit corny, but there are lots of opportunities for neat model-building. No ork really likes the Painboyz, as they combine an already irritating tendency to get distracted and bodge up the work with a tendency to charge what orks feel is far too many teef for the actual quality of the work they do.

Somewhere between a Diggas and Imperial Guard. The idea was that the bases would be small enough so that the players could jam as many models onto a truck. Those who remained within their own ship, the now-crashed Eternal Vigilance or “Etervigila”, as the muties call itmutated into horrifically deformed beings.

A space hulk infested with Orks has crashed into a distant world, and now gorkamoria Orks must complete a technological idol – Gorkamorka – in order to continue their interrupted journey to gorkamlrka Waagh! First steps in Da Skid self. But I can see how it can get very tedious if played seriously.

Inferior stats, a special rule that means vehicles will eventually break down, the fact that a Diggamob cannot visit Mektown and thusly get injuries treated at the Dok’s Serjery or have their vehicles tended to until they have won a battle or survived two fights, greater problems getting gubbins vehicle upgrades fitted, and increased risk when visiting the Dok all make life as a Digga much tougher than life as an Ork.

But, oh, what fun it is. The fact gorkmaorka they ride on mutant steeds instead of driving vehicles also gives them a number of other weaknesses, compared to the other mobs. Jon Paulson jepaulson hotmail.

As the name suggests, this mob uses a lot of motorcycles. I have added some simultaneous movement rules for certain situations.