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De Garengeot hernias are femoral hernias that contain the appendix. It is a rare phenomenon, with only 1% of all femoral hernias containing the appendix (and. De Garengeot hernia should be suspected in an elderly woman presenting with signs and symptoms of a strangulated hernia. The differential. Images in Clinical Medicine from The New England Journal of Medicine — De Garengeot’s Hernia.

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Frequently, the inflamed or ruptured appendix is a surprise finding when the groin swelling is explored.

De Garengeot hernia | Radiology Reference Article |

The primary concern was for an incarcerated, recurrent inguinal hernia resulting in tissue necrosis and abscess formation. Some authors recommended a simple suture repair in appendectomy [ 10 ]. In our case, laparoscopic findings revealed an inflamed and necrotic appendix.

An 86 years-old male patient, comes to Emergency Department complaining of painful bulging in the right inguinal region, associated with local inflammatory signs. It is a rare entity that has fewer than cases reported in literature. Abstract de Garengeot hernia is a rare subtype of a femoral hernia with incarceration of the appendix.

A Penrose drain was placed over this layer. Acute suppurative appendicitis occurring within femoral hernia: She had no known allergies. Subsequently both cases were successfully operated on and recovered postoperatively with no complications. We were able to obtain a correct diagnosis and perform an appendectomy prior to making a groin incision.

This garsngeot hernia usually presents with both diagnostic and therapeutic dilemmas. The rate of SSI for inguinal and femoral hernia repairs is 0.

Table of Contents Alerts. Spencer Netto — writing. However, in patients with appendicitis, the risk of mesh infection should be prevented. Moreover, the rates of SSI are 6. CT demonstrates a tubular structure following the caecum in the femoral hernia. Surgeons performed appendectomy and inguinal repair of the femoral hernia with placement of a polypropylene mesh.


A year-old lady presented to the emergency room with a right groin mass that had appeared suddenly 4 days before and then gradually increased in size. However, the treatment for this condition along with acute appendicitis is still controversial. We report the successful management of a year-old lady who presented with acute onset of a right groin mass and tenderness, which turned out to be an incarcerated femoral hernia containing an inflamed appendix.

Treatment consists of emergency surgery. She last opened her bowel earlier that day. This aided the identification of the appendix as hernial sac content.

Case Reports in Surgery. As the appendix was not inflamed, it was decided not to perform an appendectomy. A combined approach in which appendectomy was done laparoscopically and the hernia correction by open surgery was recently described for the first time.

Published online Jan Patient reported that four days before going to the hospital, after major physical effort evolved with an irreducible bulging in right inguinal region. Two days later, it evolved with progressive pain associated with local erythema. Email alerts New issue alert. Laboratory examination findings showed that the white blood cell count and C-reactive protein level of the patient were within the normal range, but the percentage of neutrophilic leucocytes was slightly increased, at The postoperative recovery was uneventful.

Various authors have suggested different surgical options ranging from initial open drainage and interval appendectomy and hernia repair, to initial appendectomy followed by interval hernia repair.

Abstract Background and Objectives: Please review our privacy policy. This entity clinically presents as a nonspecific incarcerated hernia, with irreducible groin bulge, usually painful and associated with herbia signs [7,8]. To our knowledge, fewer than cases of de Garengeot hernia have been reported, and no standard surgical approach has been described for this condition.


De Garengeot’s hernia – Wikipedia

Depending on protocol and reporting expertise, CT has demonstrated some value, with only 4 reported cases where CT has given the correct diagnosis [ 1719 — 21 ]. A computed tomographic CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis was obtained to help differentiate between intraabdominal and localized pathology and to plan our surgical approach. A unique case of xanthogranulomatous cholecystitis complicated by multiple liver abscesses and portal vein and hepatic artery thrombosis and occlusion.

Operative Technique An infraumbilical incision was made, and pneumoperitoneum was obtained by using Hasson’s open technique. Conclusion This paper presents a case report of a De Garengeot hernia patient who presented a good evolution after surgery. We wish to underline the usefulness of laparoscopy in both the diagnosis and treatment of de Garengeot hernias.

Cured by Da Vinci Xi: There was no evidence of perforation of the caecum or the appendix neither was there a periappendiceal collection. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Authors in such cases reason that it is the delay in surgical intervention rather than the method of hernia repair which influences the risk of surgical site infection [ 182932 ].

For commercial re-use, please contact journals. The vermiform appendix is a blind ended tubular structure connected to the caecum.

De Garengeot Hernia

Both had open femoral hernia repair, one with appendectomy and one with the appendix left in situ. An appendicectomy was then done and the base was buried using purse-string technique with absorbable polydioxanone suture.

Computed tomography revealed an incarcerated appendix, with appendicitis in the femoral hernia. His previous medical garegneot includes hypertension and smoking.