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Heyr, Himna Smiður by Árstíðir, released 12 February Heyr, himna smiður, hvers skáldið biður. Komi mjúk til mín miskunnin þín. Því heit. Heyr himna smiður by Ylja, released 12 October Hear, smith of heavens what the poet prays. May your mercy come softly unto me. Árstíðir – Live in Dresden (FREE DOWNLOAD – includes Heyr himna smiður ) by Árstíðir, released 20 September 1. Þér ég unni 2. Shades / Tárin 3.

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Hear, smith of the heavens, what the poet asks.

Heyr himna smiður (English translation)

In thy still small voice Mayest thou show grace. I call on thee, you have created me. Take into account that in the middle ages, the blacksmith’s trade had the highest technology available. Lyrics in literal English: Eleni Foureira in Artists whose star sign is Pisces. These pancakes are mainly served two ways, either sprinkled with sugar and rolled up or covered in blueberry or [ Watch over me, mild one, Most we need thee, truly every moment in the world of men.


Kolbeinn was killed in the attack but he poetry has survived.

Heyr himna smiður

On the first day, he gave up smoking. Protect me, mild one, when I most need thee, for every hour of the life of man. Thanks and Acknowledgements Both translations come from Wikipedia.

Please let us know if you think this video has been taken down by YouTube. He works as a business analyst, holding an MBA and an undergraduate degree in political science.

Bid me, prince of peace, Thou my supreme need.

Arstidir – Heyr himna smiður lyrics + English translation

Calf bones represented horses, jaw [ God, I call on thee; For thee to heal me. Aid cometh from thee, To my deepest heart. If you like Verloren Verleden, you may also like: In the third column, a rough, literal translation into English.

Virgin—born, send me Noble motives now. Prog metal turned beauty dys4ik.

Here you can listen to a touching rendition in both German and English. Hear, smith of the heavens, what the poet asks. May softly come unto me thy mercy. It’s a year old Smiut Hymn. Recipe for Icelandic Pancakes. Today Ylja performs as a duet and with various session players depending on the occasion.


This is a pun on the word mildingur. We’ve gathered of our favorite songs and rhymes from all the continents zmiur the globe. The singer appears to be from Bergen, so I guess the dialect is bergensk.

Translations vary depending on whether you want it to be literal, capture the ideas better, have the lines rhyme, or have a particular number of homna per line. The Origins of Some Scandinavian Finger and Toe Naming Rhymes Julie and Beth wrote hjmna for the origins of two Scandinavian rhymes that are played with little kids while touching their toes. Julie and Beth wrote looking for the origins of two Scandinavian rhymes that are played with little kids while touching their toes.

I am thy servant, Thou art my true Lord. His power was probably at its height around AD.