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SAP BW InfoCube – Learn SAP BW in simple and easy steps starting from Overview of SAP BI, Data Warehousing, Data Flow, Transformation, InfoArea, Object. What is Infocube? Infocube is data storage area in which we maintain data which we are extracting from source system physically. An InfoCube. SAP BW InfoCube is a type of InfoProvider on which queries can be defined or executed. InfoCubes can store data in real DB tables or virtually.

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Below you can see various errors on reconstruction. An InfoCube consists of a set of relational tables which are logically joined to implement the star schema.

SAP BW InfoСube

InfoCube Design techniques of helps us to reveal automatic changes in the InfoCube. Click the Attributes ellipsis in an output column or dimension to open the Hierarchies and Attributes List Editor and add attributes from the list of available attributes.

Basically, multiple dimension tables are joined through a fact table. A large fact table in the middle sa; by several dimension tables. By default Cognos Integration Server extracts data for all members in every selected characteristic.


What are the tools or utilities of an InfoCube? Your own Infocube should begin with a letter from A to Z and that it should be 3 to 9 characters in length.


Resulting from the value range: It is a self-enclosed data set encompassing one or more infocibes business processes. InfoCubes consist of different InfoObjects and are structured according to the star schema.

An InfoCube can function as both a data target and an InfoProvider. These are physically available in the same BW system in which they are specified or their meta data exist. The same as point 2; there, the document is in the update queue, here, it is in the delta queue.

The empty partitions of the f fact table are reported. Such kind of cardinality should not be maintained in the same dimension table. You analyze this dataset in infocubex BEx query. Enter the Technical Name. An InfoCube is a set of relational tables arranged according to the star schema: A reporting user can define or execute queries against an info cube.

How can you measure the InfoCube size? When the InfoCube tables created?


Compression reduces the number of records by combining records with the same key that has been loaded in separate requests. September 4, at 1: If a document is entered twice from the reconstruction, it also appears twice in the set-up table.

What are the advantages of InfoCube? Data in the PSA: Read only is possible.

SQL partitioning limit issue: What is Compound Attribute? An Inflcubes is used to store the data physically. These dimensions and fact tables are linked to each other using identification numbers dimension IDs. What are the errors occur during Reconstruction? Explain me the scenario? They are available as InfoProviders for analysis and reporting purposes. Open link in a new tab. The Infocube which is a Physical Storage Device which is used to store the data. Expand the node and see the screen.

Infoxubes are InfoCube types? What is Degenerated Dimension?