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Here is the answer key for the Joint Management Entrance Test (JMET ) held on Sunday, 9th December JMET results are used for entrance to . JMET Question Papers, Model Papers, Previous Year Papers free download from JMET Solved question paper JMET sample question paper. JMET () – Q uestion Paper. SECTIO N 1: VERBAL CO MMU N ICATIO N (Q uestions ). Directions: In Q uestions 1 and 2, fill in the blanks w .

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There must be atleast one engineering graduate in each project. There were 5 passages in total and there were 2 to 4 question on each passage.


Each question had 4 options to select the correct answer from. Are semantic features of words stored as entries in a lexicon or as part of our knowledge of concepts?

Two caselets were based on tabular form of data one was based on data of production cost and sales value and the other one was based on production and consumption of a commodity. Because the questions are difficult and the solutions impossible to observe directly, the research is intricate and the conclusions are inferential.

These are the questions that underlie the study of the development of mental 200 for bilingual children. If the percentage growth rate between the financial years and was maintained, the total revenue for the year would approximately be A Rs.

Once the test starts, you will not be allowed to leave the examination hall for any reason till the test is over and all other formalities are completed.

Third caselet was based on Venn Diagram on advertising cost and the number of readers of a certain newspaper. C Rank can expect 2 calls out of the 7 institutes listed below. No distinctive mark of any sort is to be put anywhere on the ORS. What is the minimum number of locations one would have to touch to reach E from F? There were 5 caselets in this section with each section having 6 questions in it. Fifth caselet was based on a Table and a graph on data based on a business scenario.


Five students are participating in a contest. These are the problems faced in the attempt to understand how bilingual children construct mental representations for language and concepts.

The answers to the questions are to be marked by darkening the bubbles corresponding to the letters A, B, C or D. The candidate must not mark the answers on an ORS having a code different from the code printed on the Test Booklet.

If the seal is found broken or tampered with, please bring this matter immediately to the notice of the invigilator. A soft eraser should be used for erasing any darkened bubble if required. Answer the following questions based on your reading of the given passage. Which of the following is irrelevant to explaining the increase in consumption of soft drinks? The invigilator will collect the ORS.

JMET : Analysis and Expected Cut Off

You should read the directions for each section of the test carefully. We wish to inform you 1. In all matters concerning JMETthe decision of the Institutes will be final and binding on the applicant. Which one of the following is not always true? In which year was the Net Profit at its highest as a percentage of total revenue? Again the story becomes more complex when these questions are asked about speakers who have two or more languages.

Which of the following locations cannot be avoided while traveling from F to H? Sample questions for each of the four sections are provided below. A This summer, soft drink companies offered more volume discounts than competing substitutes. Instructions for Questions A two-way road network exists between the following locations in a city: The following sentences, when properly sequenced, form, a coherent paragraph.


C Rank can expect 3 calls out of the 7 institutes listed below. In the paragraph below, each line numbered 1 to 4 has one wrong word. Data Interpretation section had 30 question in it and the remmaining sections had 40 questions each.

A B C D B cannot be in the same project as G.

Data Interpretation There is negative marking for incorrect answers. All the rough work should be done only on the blank pages of the Test Booklet.

None of these road routes intersect each other except meeting at the nodal points in the respective locations. Fourth caselet was based on combination of Table and bar graph which was based on data of transactions of a shop.


C The advertisements paped soft drinks were more catchy and effective this summer. Open the seal of the Test Booklet only after having been instructed to do so by the invigilator. The Central idea of the passage is that: Without breaking the seal, take out the Objective Response Sheet ORS from the Test Booklet and verify that it has the same code printed on it in large letters as on the cover of the Test Booklet. D Entrepreneurs do not own or operate small business.

In these questions, each sentence jmft four underlined words or phrases marked 22007, B, C, and D. JMET – 9th Dec JMET 9th Dec Since projects 1 and 2 are easier, the instructor has allowed only two students to work on these projects.

However, the vast majority of that literature is based on a simplifying assumption: