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MATH & MATH ONLINE VIDEO COURSES: How to Register. Body. Want to register for Online Video Course ? Follow the link. SiteBanner. Math Old Exams. TERM ​, TERM ​​. Term Test1 · Test2. Term Test 1 · Test 2. Term Test 1 · Test 2. Term Test 1 · Test 2. Term Test 1 · Test 2. Term Test 1 · Test 2.

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These students are the reason I come to work every day. The relation between linguistic clarity and mathematics maath, Dissertation Abstract International, 59 7 The results of the three models are summarised in Table 4 in descending order. In addition, we intend to investigate the effect of the semester in which students take Calculus I. The kupm model seems to suggest that the academic subjects of the preparatory year are important predictors of Calculus I performance.

They have an effect only when they interact with other variables.

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The table also reports the models, the multiple correlation R- values, R2 -values, Adjusted R2 -values with associated degrees of freedom, F -values and p-values. Had this approach been used, a different result may have been obtained. If there is anything I can do, don’t hesitate to call me at or e-mail me. This joint English knowledge and skills in term requires a higher predicted Calculus I score than in other terms beyond those already warranted by the ENGL effect.

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In addition to bridging the language barrier, the programme also aims at creating a conducive atmosphere for a smooth transition from secondary school to mat. The non-significant variables were reported in Table 3. Lastly, the interaction effects E1E2T32 is also significant.

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Findings from a survey of the empirical literature. The implications of this finding for academic policy are discussed.

Calculus I response profile.

Firstly, our data collection method and analysis are quantitative in nature. Results and discussion In the course of this investigation several models were developed using regression anal- ysis. Summary of the value of each coefficient with standard error, t-statistics, and p-value. The number of students with these letter grades and corresponding numer- ical grades in the regression analyses are given in Table 2.


Other factors that contributed significantly in the best model included some interaction of the preparatory-year courses. Chinese and English mathematics language: Remember me on this computer. As noted earlier, surprisingly ENGL and MATH did not contribute sig- nificantly to the best model as mathh effects, but their joint effects with other variables can be readily seen as crucial predictors of success in the Calculus I course.

This interaction appears to kcupm from the gradient of the regression line representing MATH at Term Although neither ENGL nor term were significant by themselves, their joint effects with MATH show that the prediction should be discounted by 0.

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Our web team has spent a lot of time trying to gather information that you will hopefully find useful. On the other hand, the variable term is also not significant with the exception of term The predictors of success of computer aided learning of pre- calculus algebra. Although MATHwhich was crucial in Model 1 and 2, is surprisingly not significant in the best model, its joint effects with MATH appear significant as a predictor of Calculus I per- formance in the best model.

One goal I have is for every student to find all useful resources to enhance their learning and build a solid base in mathematics that will help them in their future. According to the Undergraduate Bulletin of KFUPMthe main aim of the preparatory-year programme is to prepare kffupm for undergraduate study, especially with regard to the new language of instruction. 010 should give some empirical support to the new policy in the preparatory year that for a student to go to either an engineering or a computer-related course, he should get at least a passing grade of D in MATH and C in MATH as a placement requirement.

Another variable included in the study is the role of the semester in which students take the first cal- culus courses. I am awaiting any comments to develop and enhance our program.

Almost all these students have Arabic as their first language as well as it being the language of instruction during their previous schooling. A plausible explanation for this might be the superior mathematics abilities of the student cohort in this summer semester compared to the other semesters.


Multiple regression model summary. Help Center Find new research papers in: Mathematics creativity as related to aptitude for achievements and attitude towards mathematics, Dissertation Abstract International, 42 1 I get to be their mentor, confidant and problem solver but most importantly I get to be their friend.

In addition, students take courses related to graphics, a mechanical engineering workshop, and physical education during the preparatory year. The predictive validity of kfuom measures used by the University of Petroleum and Minerals in Saudi Arabia, Dissertation Abstract Interna- tional, 47 2 There are also several significant interaction effects in the best model.

Those students posted to the college of sciences, engineering, and com- puter sciences are required to take a more rigorous mathematics strand which begins with Calculus I, while others go for a different set of mathematics courses.

For completion of the analyses, a regression model with only the academic vari- ables in the model was fitted with each of the variables in Table 6 added in last to see the effect of the course in question when other academic variables are already used as predictors of Calculus I performance. Number of students from each Term. Our focus in this study is on students taking the Calculus I strand.

Other independent variables include the academic Term,, and in which the students took Calculus I. The most common approach is a one-year prepara- tory programme. For a student to go for any academic programme of his choice, he has to meet some minimum entry requirement based on the preparatory-year mathematics and En- glish courses.

Letter grades for all English and mathematics courses in the preparatory-year pro- gramme were recorded for each student, as well as that of Calculus I. After passing the preparatory-year courses, students follow two different mathe- matics strands. Please enable scripts and reload this page. However, the Arabic language remains the main lan- guage of instruction at the primary and secondary levels.