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According to Louis Massignon Al-Hallaj was born around AD in Tur a small town of Bayda district, in the center of the southern Iran,which. Abridged from the four-volume The Passion of al-Hallaj, one of the major Louis Massignon (), France’s most celebrated Islamic specialist in this. Louis Massignon (25 July – 31 October ) was a Catholic scholar of Islam and a . Louis Gardet, his friend and colleague, assisted in the posthumous edition of Louis Massignon’s work La passion de Hussayn Ibn Mansûr an-Hallâj.

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He even showed great admiration for some of Islam’s saints, especially for al-Hallaj. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. Ernstthe legal notion of blasphemy was not clearly defined in Islamic law and statements of this kind were treated inconsistently by legal authorities.

The Views of Louis Massignon about the Life of Al-Hallaj

He strongly believed that the difference of opinion are divine blessings for the community of muslim and for the whole world of humanity as all the creation is like one family of God.

This concept also forms the basis for his strong belief in peaceful coexistence among different ethnicities, which made him speak out against the displacement of the Arabs from Palestine, as well as at least mwssignon the decolonization of Algeria that implied the emigration of the French Algerians and Algerian Jews, the Pieds noirsand the end of a multi-religious Algeria.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Al-Hallaj was also accused for secretly keeping relation and having sympathies for Qarmathians, for which he was accused to facilitated with accomplices for visiting their centers, in Kufa and Darul Hajira.

Dialogue was very important for him; he also talked to the Iranian religious sociologist Ali Shariati who would later become extremely influential as a modernist Muslim thinker in Iran. They took a vow of Badaliya Arabic: Massignon was sometimes criticized by Muslims for giving too much importance to Muslim figures that are considered somewhat marginal by Islamic mainstream, such as al-Hallaj and for paying too much attention to Sufism, and too little to Islamic legalism.


The fol- lowing example by no means unusual from page 91 illustrates many of these criticisms: In mortal danger, which filled him with extreme, physical anguish, he first felt remorse for his past life, made an abortive and tentative suicide attempt, fell into a delirium and a state of great agitation later diagnosed as either malariaa stroke caused by sun and fatigue, or maniaand finally experienced the presence of God as a “visitation of a Stranger”, who overwhelmed him, leaving him passive and helpless, feeling judged for having judged others harshly, and almost making him lose his very sense of identity.

At the Sykes-Picot Mission he became acquainted with T. Central Asia and Middle Eastquote: Some scholars maintain that his research, esteem for Islam and Muslims, and cultivation of key students in Islamic studies largely prepared the way for the positive vision of Islam yallaj in the Lumen gentium and the Nostra aetate at the Second Vatican Council.

Louis Massignon spent forty years of his life on the research and also travelled vastly through the middle east and India to find the authentic documents about Al-Hallaj. This indirectly allowed Massignon to be closer to Arab Christians and Muslims alike.

For places in Iran, see Hallaj, Massingon. The Theme of the Ashes: He was ordained by Bishop Kamel Medawar on January 28,with the permission of Patriarch Maximos IVdespite some opposition from the Holy Seewhich, however, finally accepted his priestly ordination.

Literary History lluis Persia. He was the first western scholar to introduce Al-Hallaj to the western christian world.

He was first punched in the face by his executioner, then lashed until unconscious, and then decapitated [11] [12] or hanged. He was said to have “lit four hundred oil lamps in Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre with his finger and extinguished an eternal Zoroastrian flame with the tug of massihnon sleeve. He was also president of the Amis de Gandhi association.

He made this long trip by sea via Daybal presently Karachi Sind and via balad ul Shirk to the east actual Gujarat in Hwllaj and also visited valley of Indus the city of Mansur presently Multan.

The earliest report, coming from a hostile account of Basra grammarians, states that he said it in the mosque of Al-Mansur, while testimonies that emerged decades later claimed that it was said in private during consultations with Junayd Baghdadi.


When Al-Hallaj was 16 years old, he met a spiritual teacher, Sahl, who accepted him as his disciple and Al-Hallaj remained on the disposal of his master for two halpaj as it was the custom to serve the master who accepts a disciple.

Al-Hallaj was popularly credited with numerous supernatural acts. Memoir of a Friend: Exploring the sources of his study in Morocco in he vowed to dedicate himself to the study of Arabic after a dangerous confrontation in the desert. The concept of mystical substitution was first suggested to Massignon by Huysmans ‘ biography of Saint Lydwine of Schiedam”whose life exemplified the writer’s belief lluis one halla atone for the sins of others by offering up one’s suffering on their behalf.

Mansur Al-Hallaj

Instead, in Januaryhe married a cousinMarcelle Dansaert-Testelin. Al-Hallaj’s principal works, all written in Arabic, included: Old Namara inscription Pre-Islamic Arabic inscriptions. The dispute between his master and his father in law had put him in a massignom position.

The specialist will prefer using volume one of the four-volume set; others will have to wait for a proper introduction to Massignon and Hallaj. Lawrencewith whom he had several friendly interviews among others on the Handbook for Arabiawhich served as an example halllaj his own Annuaire du Monde Musulman.

The Views of Louis Massignon about the Life of Al-Hallaj – Ismailimail

He conducted research on various subjects related to Islam, such as the lives of the 10th century mystic al-HallajMuhammad’s companion Salman Pak and the significance of Abraham for the three Abrahamic religions. This is a simplistic answer to a more intricate question raised by a key passage in Ghazali’s d. Furthermore, polygamy was well accepted and routinely practiced by Judaism before Islam, as per many wives of King David, King Solomon, and even Moses himself.

Existing scholarship, however, warrants at least an attempt to look into the matter. IslamSunni [2] [3].